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*Your like is my smile!* In this video I take a look at ENVTEX and PTA. I hope you enjoyed, make sure to subscribe and leave a like if you did! Keep in mind this is a 1080p recording on a 4K screen Hi friends, I am on P3Dv4 now for about a month and really like it! I am unfamiliar with PTA, but having seen some posts on avsim, it seems that lots of you are using it. Have also seen a youtube about ENVTEX this week, and now i dont know which would be best for me. I need something easy as i am..

My Specs:- AMD 9590 8core @4.6ghz (Underclocked for stability), NVidia GTX 1060 6gig, 16gig ram. Software: Windows 10 Creator P3D v4 FTX Global for P3D v4 FTX Vector for P3D v4 FTX England FTX. Hi everyone, Can someone explain the difference between Envtex and PTA. Are they the same thing? and which one would you recommended for P3Dv4. PS. Ive been looking at Envtex SP1 Beta and the new PTA thats only just release How you can support me: Subscribing and liking the videos it #1 way to show your support. I'm always trying to improve my content, and by liking and subscrib.. The main purpose of PTA is to allow you to tweak your Prepar3D config & shaders resulting in the ultimate, aesthetically pleasing (eye-catching), virtual flight experience. Basically, it'll look INCREDIBLE. Using PTA, you can apply tweaks in a fast and convenient way without manually editing files or any of that other confusing rubbish Currently, I only have EnvShade installed, so the first preset (Adam Env 1314_01) doesn't take any EnvTEX textures into account - using instead some sky/cloud textures from the beta ActiveSky/ASCA. I will shortly be running the full TOGA set of utilities, so future presets will be developed/balanced for use with EnvTEX

Envshade is optimized to be used in combination with Envtex and just like with any of our product performance has been kept in mind, that is why it doesn't hit your fps, and the best of all: it is fully integrated into the new Envtex user interface for a user friendly experience ENVTEX. Discover Envtex. The texture add-on that enhances your clouds, your skies and much much more. ENVSHADE. The shaders add-on that transform the whole graphics for highly realistic atmosphere effects. Discover Envshade. ENVSOUND. The sound add-on that brings your simulator to the next level of immersion Envtex is fully compatible with any weather engine like ASP4, Envshade is not compatible with PTA (Prepar3D Tweak Assistant) from Simtweaks as well as Tomatoshade, which may conflict with Envshade. However REX Environment Force is fully compatible and supported by Envshade TOGA Projects ENVTEX is a great value texture enhancement package for Flight Simulator 2004 and X, as well as Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. While the product does have its short comings, ENVTEX offers great value for the budget simmer looking to upgrade their simulator experience

Prepar3D V4.5 | Guide to Stunning Sky Textures & Clouds with ASCA & ENVTEX - Duration: 5:14. CptVince 6,670 views. 5:14. Worldwide Airports HD By Rex Simulations:. Today I'm showing off the Looks i achieved using PTA and Reshade in the Prepar3d v4. This videos is 100% unedited. even the Borders were added using Reshade for better productivity for Youtube. Here you can download our PTA Preset, We have spent many hours making this PTA preset from our real life experience of flying, by comparing many photos we have taken on our real world flights with our Flight sims (P3Dv4), We think our Preset is very accurate to the Real world an

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Envtex has been created to be a product based on your feedback. I don't use their shaders as I use PTA but that's the great thing about this product; They use PTA too and so gave you the option to turn off their shaders in the installer. Colors on the sky textures look amazing ENVDIR is your new user interface, user-friendly, convenient, complete, customizable for all TOGA products. It has all the features you need to enjoy your simulator and our products at their best without the need to spend hours configuring everything

Prepar3D V4 Take Your Sim To The Next Level w/ ENVTEX & PTA

  1. Envtex v1.0 features list (All features are detailed in-depth in the manual) More than 500 natural and dynamic* sky textures grouped in seasonal, climatic and situation presets P3Dv3 PTA shaders profiles optimized for Envtex
  2. maxime´s profile for Pta + ENVTEX Dec 19, 2016 9:29:51 GMT 1 . Quote. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by MaximeK on Dec 19, 2016 9:29:51 GMT 1. Nice quasar07 =) Glad you're enjoying my preset ! I'm still fine tuning it and will put an update if I find better settings. Best, Maxime
  3. OPTIMIZED FOR ENVTEX Envshade is optimized to be used in combination with Envtex to bring you the to the video stating what it does, it would be better, but I literally can't see the improvement. I'm going to go with PTA instead, as it offers much more. I expected a lot of this addon, but for me, it was not worth the money. TOGA PROJECTS.
  4. PTA preset di Davide che si scarica dal sito di ENVTEX dopodiché settato con la completa integrazione ENVTEX con ASCA - non mi sembra malvagio anche se, avendo messo i cumuli a 1024 ho notato un calo di frames (alla fine del volo li ho messi a 512 come li avevo con REX, mentre ho lasciato a 1024 i cirri così come li avevo su REX

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From RDPresets PTA release a year ago we have received a lot of feedback and reviews from our users! And we are very happy with the fact that almost all of the feedback/reviews are positive, all talking about how we improved the flight simulator of our users in a lot of different ways PTA is available to download from Simtweaks website. No new functionality is added, only compatibility. TOGA Projects, the team behind the fantastic ENVTEX has confirmed details of their upcoming product ENVSHADE ENVTEX has been out for a while now with developer TOGA Projects being quiet on what new development is currently on the table. However today, the team teased a few new features for the upcoming service pack for the product. SP2 for ENVTEX will bring photorealistic cloud coverage, new sky textures, new contrail, contrail, water and weather effects I have a question relating to these PTA presets. Currently I am not using PTA, it is not installed. I have installed the Shader tweaks which are part of ENVTEX (tick box in the main menu). I like what this does to the cloud colours and so I am keen to give the PTA presets a try too

Envtex provides a narrower variety of textures, which actually may not be a flaw (I'll get back to this point later). Envtex software is lighter and more stable and generates aurora lights. On the downside - it does not deal with lights wich REX does well. Envtex has no significant competition among freeware add-ons ptaとの同居は事実上できないがenvtexを利用しているならば筆者は本製品一択だ。単価も数百円程度なので導入しない理由はない。逆にenvtexを利用していない場合は環境の組み合わせに応じて柔軟にシェーダーを設定できるptaの方が良いだろう

AS16 with ENVTEX Clouds and PTA Shaders - YouTub

  1. ENVTEX + ENVSHADE or REX Sky Force + PTA. Prepar3D. Close. 2. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. ENVTEX + ENVSHADE or REX Sky Force + PTA. Prepar3D. Which combo would you recommend? 9 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by
  2. PTA 又好似幾好 ENVTEX 又好似幾好 宜家INSTANT REPLAY 又好1999 no crack and it's worth I still waiting sale to own it 獌肥果個都好似幾好 pta? YES 飛完12粒鐘 痴撚線 一打風既VHHH 又LAG 啲 prefer AS16/ASP4 + PTA + ENVTEX 真係好正 無買PTA. Envtex is a product based on your feedbacks
  3. Es ist ohne Frage das beste AddOn, das ich bisher gekauft habe, und das waren einige. Die Videos, die man im Internet findet, übertreiben nicht. FSX ohne ENVTEX ist für mich nun undenkbar. Als nächstes werde ich es in P3D ausprobieren. Dazu gibt es auf der TOGA Seite auch PTA Shader zum Download, die alles noch besser machen sollen. Noch besser
  4. I skrivende stund er PTA ute i en versjon 2.0. Denne byr på ytterligere forbedringer samt en del endringer. For ikke lenge siden ble det lansert en addon som heter ENVTEX, som vi her på flightsim.no skrev litt om tidligere. Til denne addonen finnes det også en spesialtilpasset preset til PTA som man kan prøve
  5. Cloud/Sky textures - EnvSHADE/EnvTEX This is my first preset for Envshade - developed with EnvShade *only* . ie. Without EnvTEX, there fore not using EnvTEX textures for sky, clouds or terrain. With REX and ActiveSky/ASCA still waiting for full P3Dv5 compatibility, it's impossible to suggest a definitive choice. So far, Currently, I've been using old Read more.

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TOGA PROJECTS — ENVTEX Год выпуска: 2016 Жанр: Effects Разработчик: TOGA projects Издатель: TOGA projects Платформа симулятора: FS2004 + FSX + P3D Тип издания: лицензия Язык интерфейса: английский Язык озвучки: отсутствует Таблэтка: Присутствуе [P3D4] - TOGA PROJECTS — ENVTEX Sky textures for ASCA (Textures) » Миссии, трафик, звуки, паки и утилиты для FS2004, FSX, P3D :: RuTracker.or

Matt Davies hat PTA für 10.000 $ gekauft. Und das nach seinen Angaben das Zwölffache verdient. Das macht 120.000 $ für ein Tool, dass er zu 95% nicht selbst gecoded hat. Er verkauft eine PTA-Lizenz für rund 20$. Das heißt um die 6.000 Leute haben PTA gekauft. Cleverer Schachzug von ihm. So. Und jetzt macht mal die Rechnung für den FSLabs FE9 v1.3 vs ENVTEX? by jms28 May 15, 2017 21:20:42 GMT 1: Repaints. Sub-boards: A2A repaints, Calclassic repaints, Feelthere/Wilco repaints, iFly repaints, PMDG repaints, Skyspirit repaints. 15: 23: New to iFly 747 P3Dv4.4 by mdreyer Dec 28, 2018 21:58:12 GMT Envtex review Envtex revie REX4 + ENVTEX +PTA URP1.1 Test #P3Dv There's already the great PTA Tool which will enable you to make a huge amount of changes and adds flexibility, but ENVSHADE will make this process easy for those unsure how to edit. Coming soon, you'll be able to buy for just €5.00, but if you already own ENVTEX, then you'll get further discount off of that

PTA profiles are shaders mods to be used with P3D Tweak Assistant, and they enhance the global look, lights effects, shadows tones and environment colors, without impact on the framerates in P3D v3. Made by TOGA Projects team, PTAbsolute is a new freeware to recreate the most realistic environment. It works best with ENVTEX, bu envtex p3d v4, ENVTEX will offer a new immersion level to your simulator by replacing many default textures and effects with more than 11000 high quality and highly realistic texture files This package has been developed with FPS and VAS in mind and allows you to have a full control over the performance.. PTA Preset: Here is the PTA Preset i am using currently (PTA 2.66 / P3D v4.5): Elias-Stassinos-v25. ReShade Preset: Here is the Reshade Preset that i am using currently. Reshade-Elias-v1. Be careful to use ReShade 3.0.4 not the latest. ΕNVDIR Settings

Prepar3D - My Current Settings (v4

Prepar3D V4 ENVSHADE + ENVTEX + ASCA Setup & Settings

  1. g for us and we had to provide something fully compatible with Envtex
  2. PREPAR3D V4, P3D. Great product, very realistic, and real checklist and flows from the airlines
  3. Update 12th October @ 22:30z. It has been confirmed by Matt that he intends on releasing PTA for P3Dv4.1 at some point during the morning of Friday 13th October. He has other things in life to take care of so it may slip further into the day. The features also stated below will be rolled back for those still using P3D v4.0 (but we highly recommend you update to the latest)
  4. حصريا اداة PTA لتغيير الجرافيكس للـ P3D V3 and v4 مثل االإضاءة والالوان ENVTEX FS9 FSX P3D TOGA PROJECTS [FS2004] - [FSX] - [P3D] - 3D Softworks Design Studios, FS Real Time (Must Have
  5. We provide you maxed-out Prepar3D v4 settings, special adjustments for addons, original checklists and ultra realistic presets. Making your Flightsimulator as real as it gets
  6. They have just released the first major update for Envtex, service pack 1. Bringing many improvements to the Envtex software, one of the biggest changes being the new user interface. Here are all the details from TOGA projects Hi all, I am glad to announce that the Service Pack 1 for Envtex is now officially released

ENVTEX is great and I am sure ENVSHADE will be as well! I see the website has been now updated to include ENVDIR really like the idea of a single interface. Can't wait till release Hello guys , I need your Opinion concerning REX Environment Force plus PTA from SimTweaks (With Or Without PTA ) ! Please have a look at my shots and tell me which ones do you prefer ! Same Time and Season , Same Settings : REX plus PTA : No PTA REX plus PTA No PTA REX plus PTA NO PTA REX Plus PT.. Hell yeah i was sure a lot of PTA fanboys would downvote this post. level 2. ArthurSk12. 1 point · 2 years ago. The best part is the comments above, the reply to mine, they're having a huge argument of PTA vs ENVSHADE


Envtex Crack - aqmi.litjens.it Envtex Crac ENVTEX. Sun Mod. PTA. I'm using a PTA preset, that I saw on the internet. Download PTA preset. Home. Flightsimulator

Envshade Presets - for P3Dv5 NZFSim - P3D/FSX PTA

Also, PTA (at the present time) is of unknown status. As previously mentioned, REX will not be bringing their Environment Force to P3Dv5 so that leaves ENVTEX/ENVSHADE as the only one currently ready to go with P3Dv5 blog has been updated with my ENVTEX settings , I use PTA V2 with the preset of Predrag Drobac which can be found in the p3d v2 v3 group files... Envtex v1.0 features list (All features are detailed in-depth in the manual) More than 500 natural and dynamic* sky textures grouped in seasonal, climatic and situation presets 60 new sky presets with full and automatic integration for Hifi Active Sky Cloud Art and Active Sky 2016 (fully works with Full dynamics and Global automatic ASCA presets) High definition milky way texture Highly. GSM / GPRS Modules Envtex setting [P3D] ENVTEX ou PTA? Lequel est le mieux? Bonjour, Tout est dans le titre. J'ai déjà ENVTEX + Active Sky 2016 et P3DV4. Est-ce que PTA est vraiment utile en plus? Cordialement, Patrice CM ASUS Maximus X hero, Proc. core i7-9700K à 5000 Mhz, 32GO RAM DDR4 GSkill 3000 Mhz,.


Here you can download our Tomato Shade Preset! Its essentially the exact same as our PTA Preset. Our Preset takes full advantage of Tomato Shade's Advanced Reflections. I highly recommend watching this tutorial on how to install Tomato Shade correctly. We think our Preset is very accurate to the Rea Io lo reputo fondamentale cambia luci,ombre,riflessi e un sacco di altre cose..in tutti i miei screenshot c'è cambia luci,ombre,riflessi e un sacco di altre cose..in tutti i miei screenshot c' It is my understanding that any full-fat regions (NCA, Southern Alaska, etc) would completely override openLC, with the appropriate scenery.cfg priorities set. Nevertheless, I still quickly hit an OOM (in P3Dv2) yesterday after installing KSFOHD, while flying from SFO over the city of San Francis.. Envtex textures only: ASCA will dynamically inject Envtex sky textures, ASCA will use one of all the 60 Envtex sky themes depending on weather and location (if you use full dynamics or global automatic settings within ASCA of course) In both case, if you chose to use Envtex clouds textures, ASCA will override them if you chose to enable Cloud

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Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil 26 September 2015 HD Video,Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil 26 September 2015 Watch On Dailymotion,Indian Tv.. Some of my Screenshots using Envtex & PTA Post by Skowtura » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:09 pm Orbx Scenery - AS 2016 + ASCA - PTA [David's(Envtex) Preset- altered] - TOGA ENVTEX - Envdir (Envtex + Envshade) contains textures and shaders and ASCA has ability to integrate and work with selected Envtex sky textures. - PTA works only with shaders. A good thing for weather engine choice - you can use any of them or do not use one and use weather presets in simulator Envtex crack. send sms in your mobile Phone and earn money 15,000 to 25,000 permonth (call 8585858844) Envtex crack Envtex crack. Envtex comes with some PTA presets itself, which I didn't find that great in P3D3 though. Anyway, PTA is a very valuable tool and I am glad someone saved it from death. Kind regard, Michae

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TOGA Projects ENVTEX: The FSElite Review - FSElit

Envtex - TOGA - review (5*) • C-AviationSPV FLIGHTS {1} PMDG 747F ELLX - EGCC - YouTube[LIVE] [P3Dv4] Cathay Pacific CX233 VHHH-LIMC HKG-MXP 國泰航空Hazy winter morning unloading cargo at Zaragoza LEZG
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